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We work hard for our clients by providing with a unique and tailored plan so they own a home in the future, not a mortgage.


"Wealth Creation Starts by Having The Right Team Behind You"

Charlie Pedraza- Practice Principal

Charlie Pedraza is an experienced Finance professional and Mortgage Broker whose goal is to deliver positive results with the best customer experience to his clients through financial education and mentoring. Charlie provides valuable help guidance and advice.


He will take the time and get to know you and find out what your dreams, goals and aspirations are about so your plan can be tailored to suit your needs and not the banks.


Going from A to B is easy, the challenge is the many journeys you can take to get there, sometimes it can be daunting and confronting but we will show you the "How" with a simple language so you get it right the first time.

Having worked with two of the biggest financial institutions in the country (Westpac and NAB) as a Finance Manager, Charlie approaches every case with the proper financial acumen expected from a credit manager; having a Bachelor of Business Management, a Diploma of Financial Services and Mortgage Lending combined with years of experience in the banking industry we are proud to say that helping people to achieve their financial dreams is his specialty.

It takes a very special kind of individual to educate people and take the time to fully understand their drivers, strengths and areas of improvement; and this is where Charlie shines and exceeds to formulate a plan that is tailored and suitable to every customer.

Sean Cheah is an experienced residential and commercial writer with over ten years' experience in the financial industry. Part of his career has focused on helping Medical Professionals, understanding how they operate and providing suitable financial solutions to their business and personal needs.  

While working at Westpac, Sean upskilled his credit acumen. He became the go-to person
for complex and outside the square transactions in the Commercial and Health Industry. 


Sean believes that every finance solution should be suitable and specific to the clients' needs; with this holistic approach, he builds long-lasting relationships. Both internal and external clients Love Sean's Can-Do attitude at all times.

Sean Cheah - Practice Principal

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